Personalized In-App Referrals

Fully automated, customizable and easy to run in-app referral programs to boost your app installs and engagement.

How It Works


Configure and enable the referral campaign


Track clicks, installs and convert via personalization


Personalized onboard pages to increase signups and sales



Your app gets auto synced with your AppVirality dashboard. Play your way- change text, images or rewards! No coding. No Playstore updates.

In-App Widgets

Grabbing user attention is a problem of past. Our team has built exceptional widgets that just works.

User Targeting

Advanced user targeting to maximise your campaign results. Timing is everything, target users based on different factors like location, behaviour, and etc.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain name to generate referral links. At AppVirality it’s all about customization.

Deep and Differed Deep Links

Drive users right deep inside your app and target better. Recognize and treat existing users separately and improve engagement.

Personalized invites

Increase referral install rate by 28%! Send personalized invites to your network and make them own your app.

Track Downloads

Keep a check on every data point- clicks, installs, install source, sign-up, sales, LTV and others.

Identify Top Influencers

Identify top influencers and treat them special to make the most of their network.

“People trust recommendations
from friends 7X more than traditional advertising”

Protection Against Fraud

It’s unfortunate to be surrounded by spammers. That’s why we help you to identify and block fraudulent entries.

Automate Your Rewards

Never miss on rewarding your customers. Be it coupons or in-store credits, we’ve got it covered.

A/B Testing

Quickly split test and optimize your campaigns, thereby improving your app install rate.

WebHooks and REST API

It’s your data, your way. WebHooks and API’s allow you to play around with your campaign’s data.

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